Goals - Energy Engineering


– Preparing a graduate has the ability to apply engineering science and its methods in practical life and take the appropriate position, and be conversant with modern technological methods and how to deal with them, and have the ability to compete in the labor market in the light of circumstances and new and changeable challenges for the regional and international community.

-Preparing and submitting training courses for graduates to qualify them for keeping pace with the new updates, and adapting to the needs of the labor market.

-Providing distinguished and constructive learning contributes to preparing scientists, thinkers, inventors, and innovators who are the representative of the real progress revolution.

-Continue development for studying programs and postgraduate studies programs to keep pace with scientific and technological progress, also publishing the culture of scientific research, conduction scientific and applying researches and studies that are related to the society’s problems and development’s programs particularly in Upper Egypt.

-Presenting consulting experiences for authorities, factories, and services sector for serving the environment and developing the community.

-Adopting thoughts and studies that would support and improve the institutional ability especially for the human element because of his valuable roles in an integrated system to achieve creativity and raise the quality and efficiency of the learning and education process.

-Updating evaluation and correcting systems, and quality management to achieve the goals of the faculty and through the organized review and continue evaluation for these programs and activities.